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Мы не из тех, кто поднимает много шума. В конце концов на OETTINGER мы пивовары по природе – такие же любители пива, как наши клиенты. Пиво – это наше всё. Мы счастливы, когда оно искрится и имеет прекрасный вкус. OETTINGER – это самое лучшее качество без пафоса, настоящее пиво без сомнений. Огромный ассортимент без компромиссов.
Наше пиво плотное, ароматное, питкое!


OeTTINGER Weizen & Grapefruit

What works with strawberries has always worked with citrus fruit. OETTINGER grapefruit-flavoured wheat beer in its narrow long-necked bottle is so refreshing after sport or training - tangy and pleasantly fruity. Our popular grapefruit-flavoured wheat beer has fewer calories and less alcohol and is enjoyed just as much by men as by women - 0% NONSENSE. Cosy agreement. Oh yes: It also comes in a six-pack

OeTTINGER Schwarzbier

Deeply rooted, but 0% YESTERYEAR. Our bottom-fermented 'black' beer is brewed according to a traditional, tried and tested recipe and conforms to the German Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 Purity Law. It is popular because of its pleasant, yet strong flavour and compact head of foam. It gets its blackish-brown colour, incidentally, by the use of special dark, roasted malts

OeTTINGER Weizen & Zitrone

Real OETTINGER vitamins: barley, hops, malt and a big squeeze of lemon. OETTINGER WEIZEN & ZITRONE, also known as "Russ" in Bavaria, is the alternative to a traditional Radler shandy: with a fresh taste, a strong blond colour – and, as befits a wheat beer – a sumptuous white frothy head. What is more, it´s 0% HEAVY, as it only has a low alcohol content.


It's all about thirst here: OETTINGER Radler shandy is half OETTINGER Vollbier, half lemonade. It has a refreshing lemony beer taste and yet, it is still invigorating thanks to its low alcohol content. If you've even poured a shandy with a decorative frothy head, you'll know how crucial it is to pour the beer in first, then the lemonade. But take your time as it takes practice. You'd actually be quicker drinking an OETTINGER Radler shandy. 0% TACTICS. 100% refreshing.


We like looking over the neck of the bottle. OETTINGER Alt is an honest-to-goodness Vollbier, whose overwhelming popularity began in the Rhineland. This speciality beer is top-fermented, as was commonplace in the past. This method of brewing made it possible to produce the barley juice even on hot days before the invention of refrigerators. Dark malt and plenty of hops come together to produce this bitter-sweet flavour that beer drinkers the world over have come to love. Strongly brewed and 0% ANTIQUATED


The Bavarians sure can drink. OETTINGER Helles beer is a popular, delicately hop-flavoured Vollbier with a balanced original wort, that is very popular, especially in Bavaria. Thanks to the experience of our master brewers, only brewing water, barley malt and hops are combined to create a wholesome, very decent beer. Everything a person could ever need. 0% NONSENSE. 100% Bavarian

OeTTINGER Winterbier

Quietly bubbling in the brewing kettle ... OETTINGER 'winter' beer is an authentic special beer, which even Black Peter, St. Nicholas' helper, has been known to look forward to on cold winter days. Bottom-fermented, it is loved by beer drinkers the world over because of its full-bodied malty flavour. Best leave the car at home, as it really is a rich, dark elixir. 0% PARTY-POOPER Just take the sleigh home

OeTTINGER Weizen & Erdbeere

Anyone can mix sparkling wine and strawberries. We do 50/50, mixing wheat beer with a strawberry flavour. The result: WEIZEN & ERDBEERE, the refreshing beer-mix drink from OETTINGER. Low alcohol content, twice the fruity flavour. Naturally cloudy and a fruity red colour – you won't leave a drop in the glass. Totally refreshing. 0% PRETENTIOUS. A beer-mix drink is sure to taste great if it looks as good as this


Food in a bottle. We brew OETTINGER malt beer as a bottom-fermented draught beer with a characteristic dark colour and a typical fresh malty taste. We ensure that the tank is at a low temperature when we add the yeast. As maltose cannot ferment at this temperature, it does not produce any alcohol. And the small proportion of hops brings out the slight sweetness of this beer. 0% LACKLUSTRE. 100% fit

OeTTINGER Radler alkoholfrei

A terrific mixture. OETTINGER alcohol-free Radler shandy consists of equal parts of OETTINGER alcohol-free beer and lemonade. As it should, it fizzes like beer and quenches your thirst from the very first sip. According to legend, the mixture was invented by a landlord in Oberhaching. When he hosted his cycling customers, they threatened to drink him completely out of beer. Without further ado, he mixed it with lemonade. The result was a "Radler", named, as it happens, after his cycling customers. We've created an alcohol-free version of the drink. 100% taste. 0% ZIGZAGGING on the road!

OTTINGER Mixed Bier & Cola

For anyone who can't decide whether to have cola or beer: This OETTINGER Mixed therefore consists of 50% beer, 50% cola. You'll feel 0% SLUGGISH, as it contains caffeine and has only 2.5 vol.% alcohol. Beer mixed with cola is called "diesel", "scumbag", "bog water", "beer with a shot" or "Krefelder", depending on which region of Germany you happen to be in. We call it delicious

OeTTINGER Weizen & Zitrone Alkoholfrei

For everyone loves drinking alcohol-free beer. This OETTINGER wheat beer with lemon flavouring is also available without the alcohol – with the very best taste that only draught wheat beer and lemonade can offer. Lemony, tangy and therefore pleasantly refreshing: it's the perfect thirst-quencher. Ideal for when you feel like having one too many! 0% TIPSINESS. 100% good mood

OeTTINGER Weissbier Alkoholfrei

OETTINGER alcohol-free wheat beer is one of OETTINGER's sporting aces. Fewer calories, alcohol-free and isotonic. 0% HEAVINESS for maximum performance and fast recovery. Poured properly into a glass, it reveals its sparkling fresh character – just like our typical wheat beer

OeTTINGER Leichte Weisse

OETTINGER light wheat beer is a draught wheat beer, therefore has less alcohol and fewer calories. It is naturally cloudy, thereby retaining the positive ingredients found in yeast. Speaking of which ... it's only the light wheat beer bottle that ends up "full". 0% LETHARGIC. 100% beer enjoyment

OeTTINGER Kristall-Weizen

Strong beer: Our OETTINGER 'crystal' wheat beer is top-fermented and is as bright and pure as only a crystal can be. Serve it chilled but not ice cold – 7 to 8 degrees Celsius being the order of the day. Hold your glass at an angle when pouring to produce an impressive frothy head. Our crystal-clear wheat beer has a lively, carefree character. It's great for drinking with friends, often topped with a slice of lemon. 0% OUTSIDER. Right in the heart of things

OETTINGER Dunkles Hefeweissen

Something's brewing here. OETTINGER dark wheat beer is a fresh and exciting wheat beer. It is bottled unfiltered, hence the natural delicate flavour of the yeast. A little basic knowledge for newcomers: when pouring, leave the last quarter in the bottle to start with and swirl the bottle around a couple of times. Then top up your wheat beer glass once the yeast that has settled on the bottom has come loose. This gives the beer its characteristic cloudiness and typical taste

OeTTINGER Hefeweissbier

When the wheat beer’s fresh and cool, gone in an instant as a rule! Naturally cloudy OETTINGER wheat beer is a top-fermented beer, in the production of which wheat malt is used alongside barley malt. It is especially refreshing with a slightly higher carbon dioxide content. And because wheat beer is drunk from tall, slender glasses, the carbon dioxide has enough time to rise to the top. An ingenious tactic for keeping your beer tasting fresher for longer. And, as with all unfiltered beers, the mild yeast flavour is perfectly preserved alongside the typical cloudiness of the wheat beer. Honest brewing craft, 0% VANITY

OeTTINGER Alkoholfrei

According to a German proverb, "Beer makes thirst a wonderful thing". And it's even better if alcohol or calories are immaterial in quenching your thirst. OETTINGER alcohol-free beer is an off-dry draught beer with a low calorie content. Well chilled, it is guaranteed to quench your thirst with its full flavour and reliable foamy head. Discerning enjoyment of beer. 0% PEER PRESSURE


It's finally 5 o'clock. That's what our master brewers had in mind when they invented the recipe for OETTINGER Leicht. It is perfect for that glorious after-work feeling. A finely aromatic draught beer with less alcohol and fewer calories – there's 0% HEAVINESS about it, yet it still pulls a full-bodied punch. Also cuts a sharp figure on the bar.


Not for calorie-counters: OETTINGER Bock beer is our very best heavy 'stout' beer, velvety-smooth and aromatic – 0% LIGHT, but with a full-bodied flavour. According to legend, a few monks were looking for something tasty to keep their spirits up during Lent. They sent the Pope a cask of Bock beer to obtain his permission. On the long journey, the beer became spoiled and acidic. The Pope tried the brew, which tasted of atonement. Mercifully, he let the monks have their will. And the moral of the story: It's a sin NOT to drink our Bock beer


"In March the brewer..." as we sing the praises of our master brewers in spring. Our OETTINGER Urtyp is a special, amber-coloured export beer, bottom-fermented according to tradition. The aromatic malty flavour makes it a particularly palatable beer. 0% RUSH. Any beer allowed to ferment for a long time is sure to taste really good

OeTTINGER Kellerbier

When heading down to our cellar store ... what do we find? The hearty spicy taste that you would expect from a cask-conditioned German Vollbier. Simply authentically earthy. Originally Kellerbier (literally "cellar beer"), also known as Zwickelbier from the German for sampling cock, ("Zwickel" in German), was in fact only the sample that master brewers took from the cask before fermentation to check the quality and taste of the fermentation brew. Today KELLERBIER is one of OETTINGER's popular speciality beers. 0% BORING. 100% foam beard


Looking for a different style of beer to try? Some beers taste too bitter for some people. Our OETTINGER Gold is a mild beer with a golden yellow hue and a pleasant hoppy flavour. Spot-on and 0% BITTER. Sooner or later, everyone will come over to our way of thinking!


Why wander off to far-flung places......when you can drink export beer at home just as well? Our bottom-fermented export beer is full-bodied with a strong depth of flavour, produced by the ingredients we have generously added. Strictly controlled, naturally. Even our forefathers exported beer. They brewed it with a higher malt content to ensure that it could be preserved on their travels without the need for cooling. 0% RISK. 100% suitable for transport. We beer brewers have always been ultra-inventive


Double Dutch? Not for our master brewers. OETTINGER Pilsner lager has a rather tangy taste, typical for this style of beer – rather like a pilsner lager then! 0% EXTRA. Typically traditional. Beer brewed in the pilsner lager style is bottom-fermented. It has a slightly more strongly hop-flavour and might therefore be a little tangier than other types of Vollbier, what Germans call "full beer". Perhaps that's why it's also Germany's most popular kind of beer. And our best-selling product


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